What are the advantages of our production of textile fabrics

Product advantages:

1, this type of products are the most high-end jet weaving machine manufacturing, selection of high-quality spinning line manufacturing, jumping yarn and other defects is very small, to ensure product quality.

2, our printing and dyeing process for the current environmental protection and advanced printing and dyeing, dye molecules can make a good combination with cotton fibers, long wash will not fade. In addition, we ensure that before leaving the factory double wash (only some of the big brands have the processing technology), so that your sales worry-free.

3, sanding products are experienced technicians to personally operate, to ensure that the feel comfortable and soft.

4, our pattern has a professional design team to provide us with the latest long-term fashion the most popular flower.

5, adequate inventory to ensure that buyers sources, you do not worry about customer orders is not enough supply.


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