Textile industry "along the way" to achieve global distribution

Textile industry take advantage of "along the way" to achieve global distribution. 

As China's leading textile and garment export enterprises, the reporter recently learned that China is working with Bangladesh textile-related enterprises, the use of China's preferential loans to revitalize the Bangladesh textile industry. The two sides plan to build a joint venture in Bangladesh textile processing park, the total investment of about 1.5 billion US dollars.

Domestic large-scale textile enterprises, also plans to build textile industrial park in Pakistan, gather spinning, fabric, clothing and power supply and other industrial projects. The banking institutions of China and Pakistan have clearly provided financing support for the projects.

Experts pointed out that with China's labor, land costs increased year by year, textile and garment processing industry to the cost of low-cost countries is the trend. These countries have a considerable part of the distribution along the "along the way", especially in South Asia, Southeast Asia.

With the "all the way along the" strategy, China's textile industry has entered a new stage of cross-border layout, overseas investment in multi-regional, multi-industry and multi-form to accelerate the trend. This cross-border allocation of resources, will help China's textile industry in the global value chain of new breakthroughs.


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