PVC coated fabric, the darling of the fashion world

(PVC) coated cloth with fiberglass cloth, glass cloth, chemical fiber cloth as the base fabric, coated with a special process, the main performance characteristics: a waterproof, flame retardant, mildew, cold, anti-corrosion Anti-aging; anti-ultraviolet; easy to clean; high temperature (180 degrees), good insulation and so on. It is the world's favorite, quite popular and is also widely used as a synthetic material. Its global use in a variety of synthetic materials in the second.

PVC fabric is a clothing to bring its own dynamic sensory fabrics, with its waterproof and glossy ultra-high occupancy of most of the fall and winter show field.

PVC coating advantages: feel good, fastness, and cheap; disadvantage is: the coating thickness is relatively thin, the requirements of the end of cloth (weft too thin cloth is not suitable for coating).

PVC coating fabric is a special PVC plastic coating with a dry coating directly on the end of the cloth, and then curing curing volume.

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