100% polyester fabric, you need to understand the knowledge

The purpose of the polyester fabric is very wide, a large number of used in the manufacture of clothing and industrial products.

As for waterproof, flame retardant polyester fabric oil-repellent finishing, can improve the flame retardant clothing functional;The flame retardant polyester fiber and mixed to produce flame retardant fabric of antistatic conductive fibers;Use of flame retardant fiber and high performance fibers blended interwoven, can produce high performance flame retardant fabric;The flame retardant fiber and cotton and viscose fiber blended, to improve the comfort of protective clothing, as well as reduce the secondary burns.

China should use flame retardant protective clothing in millions of above, the number of flame retardant protective clothing market potential is tremendous.In addition to the pure flame retardant polyester fiber, can according to user's special requirements, produce flame retardant, waterproof, oil-repellent, antistatic, etc series products.

Flame retardant polyester because with permanent flame retardancy, application range is very wide, in addition to industrial fabrics, building decoration, transportation inside adornment such as play an irreplaceable role, also in the field play a lot of protective clothing.According to the national standard for flame retardant protective clothing, metallurgy, forestry, chemical, oil, fire departments should use flame retardant protective clothing.

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