Winter fashion fabric - corduroy fabric

This winter, corduroy clothing will become the trend. As long as the election of the color, corduroy trousers is definitely a wild single product, whether you want to go casual style or delicate shape it can hold live. Corduroy pants is a very good combination with a single product. Wear flat heels, then, and a corduroy pants is to take Oh. The bell-bottoms style can be worn with high heels.

Corduroy Fabric is cut cotton weft, the surface of the formation of vertical cotton velvet fabric. Due to a stripe like a light grass core, so called corduroy. Corduroy texture thick, warm and good, suitable for the production of autumn and winter coat, shoes and hats fabrics and curtains, curtains, sofa fabrics and other decorative items. Weft weaving by the organization, and then by finishing velvet finishing, cloth-like fabric was wick-like velvet, also known as a strip of cloth.

Corduroy raw materials are generally cotton-based, but also and polyester, acrylic, spandex and other fibers blended or intertwined. Corduroy The surface of the formation of vertical velvet fabric, for the cutting weft from the velvet tissue and the organization of two parts. Through the cut pile, brushing and other processing, the fabric surface appears like a wick-like prominence of the velvet, hence the name.

The corduroy fabric feels soft and slippery. The velvet is clear and smooth. The luster is soft, even, thick and wearable, but it is easy to tear, especially tear strength along the pile.

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