"Denim fabric style," the change of the road

The 120th Canton Fair, the cowboy clothing fabric town - Xintang, are creating a regional industrial cluster exhibitors of the new model, "denim fabric style" has become a central channel of the A landscape, a lot of foreign buyers come here especially .

New Town denim textile and apparel fabric industry began in the early 1980s, more than 3700 denim clothing and related enterprises, Nissan more than 120 million pieces, with an annual output of nearly 400 million pieces of jeans, the products are mainly exported to Russia, the United States, The European Union, South Africa, Hong Kong, China and Southeast Asia and other countries and regions. According to statistics, Junan Zhen has a cowboy textile and garment enterprises and supporting 2000, the products are exported to the European Union, the United States, Russia, Hong Kong, China and other countries and regions.

After 30 years of historical precipitation, Xintang, are in the technology, marketing and personnel aspects such as the formation of a unique advantage, formed a perfect industrial chain, denim fabric production, design and manufacturing, washing, supporting materials processing The links are available, and create a professional "denim fabric city" as a trading platform. Xintang also through the "China Guangzhou (Xintang) International Jeans Fashion Festival", perfect Xintang cowboy cultural exhibition hall and other measures to enrich the cultural connotation of Xintang cowboy fashion. An are also through the improvement of industrial sewage treatment plants, industrial water purification plants and steam plants and other supporting functions, so that sewage, steam, water supply integration, to create a "green junan" business card.

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