What is the cotton voile fabric?

Combed cotton voile fabric, cotton plain fabric, fabric permeability is good, bright color, soft, smooth cloth, suitable for all kinds of women's clothing, children's clothing, scarves, fabric and all kinds of clothing material in use.
Voile fabric is also called the glass yarn, which is one of the textile and apparel fabrics, is a with a plain weave thin transparent fabric, belongs to the woven fabric.
Its characteristic is that the fabric adopt fine Tex combed strong twist yarn, warp/weft density of fabric is small, due to "fine", "thin", plus strong twisting, make thin, transparent fabric.Raw materials are all made of pure cotton, polyester/cotton.Fabric weft hitches, or are single yarn, or are all of strand.
According to the different processing, glass yarn glass yarn dyeing, bleaching printed glass yarn, glass yarn, yarn dyed jacquard glass yarn, etc.Thin glass yarn fabric texture, feel is pretty cool, cloth hole is clear, transparent.
Voile common yarn density are 60 x x 70 x 88, 60 x 60/70 60/90, 80/90 80 x 88 x 88 x 88 x 100/90.

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