South Korean President park geun-hye will accept the prosecution investigation

According to foreign media reports, the President is responsible for investigating cases of South Korea's special investigation revealed that the department concerned personage 13 prosecutors believe that will be the latest survey in 15 or 16, President park geun-hye, and has the related content to convey to the blue house, waiting for the blue house to respond.
Prosecutors believe that if we want to confirm park geun-hye in cronies Cui Shun ever directly involved in or in the process of government action to make related instructions, only a investigation to himself.Prosecutors said that identity is relevant to the park will be investigated.As for investigation, with face to face for the principle, survey sites still need to coordinate with the blue house.
As the night in Seoul, South Korea more than millions of people 12 demonstrations, demanding the President park geun-hye to step down, the blue house presidential secretary for Han Guangyu 13 morning, chaired by the chief secretary meeting to discuss the plan.


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