Textile fabrics commonly used several kinds of textile machinery

Shuttleless loom weft insertion way is varied, rapier, jet, jet, water jet), gripper, shed (heterogeneous) and way of weaving and so on.

1, rapier looms, with rigid or flexible rapier head, a clamping, guiding weft.Rapier loom in addition to suitable for weaving plain and grain fabric, its characteristic is convenient for color change, suitable for multicolor weft fabric, suitable for yarn dyed, double velvet fabric, terry fabric, and decorative fabric production.

2, air-jet loom: by ejecting compressed air to traction of weft yarn, the covered shed weft.Air-jet loom largest is characterized by fast speed, high labor productivity, suitable for plain and grain fabrics, fine Tex high density fabric, and batch of fabric production.

3, water jet loom, water is used as weft insertion media, to spray water on the weft frictional traction, make the fixed the weft yarn on the bobbin into the shed.Water jet loom is has the characteristics of high speed, high yield per unit, mainly is suitable for the smooth surface of the hydrophobic filament chemical fiber fabric production.

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