The commonly used several kinds of uniform fabrics is introduced

1, poplin fabric: all kinds of poplin fabric are clean and smooth cloth, fine texture, full grainy grain, shiny soft and soft, smooth and waxy feel and other characteristics, as the summer uniforms hand-selected materials.

2, cotton canvas: is a thicker plain weave cloth, high density, feel thick, weave clear, fast and wear-resistant, is a good material to do jackets.5, dust-proof anti-static: This kind of fabric is wear-resistant, soft and comfortable, breathable moisture, can be processed into a variety of high-grade anti-static cotton overalls, for storage, chemical, gas, oil, coal, shipping, aerospace, military Flammable and explosive operating environment.

3, cotton fabric: the product of high density, the introduction of tissue fabric, grain clear, Konggu clear, light cloth surface, good quality, suitable for engineering jackets, Siamese clothes, casual clothes, bags, gloves and other work.

4, polyester fabric: the fabric feels uniform than the uniform texture, drape and support is very strong, strength and wear resistance are very good, very small shrinkage, made easy to aliasing product appearance, and affordable, durable Performance is good.

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