cotton yarn local continued to rise

1, cotton yarn local continued to rise.On December 10, some factory in shandong's comb 21 s, 32 s, 40 s price respectively in 19700-20300 yuan/ton, 22000-22500 yuan/ton, 24200-24500 yuan/ton, price of center of gravity and up 100-200 yuan/ton.The factory director, said the company an increase in the price of cotton yarn is helpless.

2, one is the upstream prices generally on the high side, so far, they factory prophase bidding state reserve cotton has bottomed out, spin all the main raw material source is in xinjiang this year, the state reserve cotton costs increase 2000 yuan/ton.Two is weak downstream fabric market, reflect according to jiangsu, hubei and other enterprises, the current grey cloth sales in general, the price to rise steadily.

3, according to traders feedback, recent import yarn to arrival quantity and prices are rising.On December 10, China's main port of import yarn inventory of more than 92000 tons, including India, Pakistan, Vietnam, Indonesia origin cotton goods, clinch a deal the relatively active.As of 10, C21SA, C32S India yarn CNF price $2.50 - $2.54 / kg, $2.63 - $2.67 / kg (price), discount price and the domestic cotton hangs 500-1000 yuan/ton.Recently, traders profit is not high, around 100-200 yuan/ton.

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